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Battery Run Times - what battery do I need? CLICK HERE

NMC VS LiFePO4 run times, click below:


6aH - Small Kayak Fishfinders and Ice Fishing Flasher
    6H Brochure
The Amped Outdoors 6Ah battery is the best budget upgrade for a traditional 7-9Ah SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries. The 6Ah battery weighs less than 2lbs and will still hold 80% capacity at 2000 charges. This battery will give you up to 30% more usable power than a 9AH SLA and will power most low power fishing flashers for 24-30hrs.

12aH - Kayak Electronics, Power Boxes, Fishinders, and Ice Fishing Flashers    12aH Brochure
The Amped Outdoors 12Ah battery is the highest capacity battery made to fit in the most commonly used fish finders and fishing flashers on the market today. This will replace your traditional 7-9Ah SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries. 20% more capacity than the competition for the same weight and size!  Garmin customers can stack 2-12ah on their side and wire in parallel and still fit in the Garmin bag for a 24ah capacity.  

18aH - Large Power Boxes, Larger Fishing Electronics (Garmin Livescope & Panoptix - will fit in Garmin case), Kayak Power, Small solar and outdoor off-grid applications, CPAP Machines 
   18aH Brochure
The Amped Outdoors 18Ah battery was especially designed to add more capacity to large ice fishing electronics! This battery holds 20% more capacity than the same size 12Ah batteries by other companies in the industry.

30aH - Larger Fishing Electronics (Garmin Livescope & Panoptix - will not fit in Garmin case), Kayak Power, Small solar and outdoor off-grid applications
   30aH Brochure
The Amped Outdoors 30Ah battery was especially designed to add more capacity to large ice fishing electronics! This battery holds the most capacity in a battery of its size and weight!

 NEW 30AH WIDE - fits the Garmin Livescope/Panoptix Ice Kits and the Summit Fishing Shuttle!






*Twice the battery life at a fraction of the weight!

*2000+ Cycles vs 400+

*Nothing fancy, built to work! 

*4 sizes of batteries to fit your needs

*FREE shipping (US-lower 48) AND a FREE SPRING BOBBER!


What Battery Should I Get?

Click here for information for SLA vs LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries. Note the Amped Outdoors Batteries are the type: Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)

The key benefits are high current rating and long cycle life, besides good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance if abused.

Lithium (LiFePO4) Batteries 

Q - How does Amped Outdoors Batteries compare to other brands?
A - You will find Amped Outdoors stands behind the quality of their products. These have been field tested and have completed side-by-side comparisons against the big names in this industry and are happy to say Amped Outdoors matches their performance. Amped Outdoor batteries are purchased direct, do not waste money on fancy cases/decals, and we minimize our markup to offer you an affordable solution. The way it should be!

Q - Do Amped Outdoors batteries have a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) with cell balancing?
A - Yes, each battery has a built-in BMS with cell balancing. Each battery's BMS specs will vary based on the type of battery. The BMS protects the battery from overcharging, discharging, current draw and cell balancing. To ensure you purchase the right battery for your intended use, please contact us before making your purchase with any questions. We are more than happy to direct you to the right product to meet your needs.

Q - Can you run LiFePO4 Batteries in Parallel?
A - Yes! 

Q - Can you run LiFePO4 Batteries in Series!
A - This battery is not intended to be wired in Series. The BMS (Battery Management System) is a 12v system which if connected in series could reduce the life of the battery or cause damage to the battery. If you intend to connect this battery in series to achieve a higher voltage, please contact us immediately for our product lineup that will meet these needs.

Q - How does this battery perform in the cold? 
A - It is encourage to store the battery in above freezing temperatures. We have tested this battery in below 0 temperatures and have experienced less than 15% capacity loss.

Q - Can I use my SLA Charger?
A - It is encouraged not to and to use the proper charger for this battery. Most SLA chargers are capable of charging this battery but not to full capacity. Defective non LiFePO4 chargers may cause damage to your battery and void manufacturer warranty.

Q - Can I use my LiFePO4 Lithium Charger on other Batteries
A - No, you risk damage, overcharging and fire to other batteries. 

Q - Warranty and Money Back Guarantee of Amped Outdoors Batteries? 
A - We offer a 1 year replacement warranty after troubleshooting your issue to determine a defective battery. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all batteries from date of purchase.

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