The “Striker” brand goes back to 2005 when the founder started a snowmobile clothing line. In 2010, the line was expanded to ice fishing apparel and in 2011, Striker Brands LLC was formed as a new entity specializing in cold weather apparel. We have been wearing Striker Ice from the beginning!!!  Striker Ice is our go-to ice fishing gear.  Not only is there gear warm and safe, it floats, but they also have women's gear! 




Simms offers high quality fishing apparel based out of Bozeman, Montana.  What isn't there to like about their products?  We love everything from their every day clothing to their waders to their hats, gloves, and rain gear, and not to forget about their base layers and SPF clothing line!






In 1903, George Kromer asked his wife, Ida to stitch a new-fashioned baseball cap with a higher crown, a pull-down earband to keep it snug, and a soft, cloth visor.  Over 100 years later, these are still being stitched in the United States - the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Now, the line has expanded to caps, apparel, and mittens, for men, women, and children.  We love their Stormy Kromer hat for anything outdoors - ice fishing, river fishing, hiking, hunting.... and their mittens are SUPER warm!  Not to mention, they are an official sponsor to the US Ice Fishing Team.