Fiskas jigs are known for their "Sticky Sharp Hooks" - and they really are!  Fiskas are one of the first tungsten, and are field tested and proven to be used amongst tournament winners.  From their metallic jigs to epoxy jigs to handpainted jigs, there is something for everyone!  

Our top 10 go-tos include:
  Orangesicle          Glow Blue Face          
Glow Pink Face           Glow          
 Glow Yellow Spot          Green Glow Bead         
 Black Glow Spot           Ladybug          
 Gold Metallic Hole in the Head           Copper Glow Head






Home of the Original Chigger Fry!  This Wisconsin based company has stellar customer service and quality products!  With the expansive options for colors available, there is a plastic for every type of water you fish!  We use Panfish Plastics for our 2# perch to our large Gills and Crappies.

Our favorite Chigger Fry colors are the Super Glow, Red Glow, Motor Oil, Flamingo Pink Glow, and Life Saver Green






Rapala Logo 120x60

Rapala has lures, hooks, and swivels for all fishing environments!

Ice Fishing
Some of our favorite ice fishing tackle includes the Rapala Jigging Raps for walleye and deep basin crappie, the Slab Rap a great search bait for crappies and gills, and the Tubby Tungsten Jig.  

We also use the Tumbler Spoon, Tingler Spoon, and Rattle Spoon for perch and walleye.

Big Lake Fishing
Rapala's VMC Hooks and BBSSR Ball Bearing Swivel with Split Rings are our go-tos for trolling.  These are tested and true, the best you can get!







 Dreamweaver Lures, a Michigan company specializing in trolling gear!  We have won many tournaments on the Lake Michigan Tournament Trail using the Spin Doctor and Paddles, as well as their Spoons!



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