DSG Reversible Beanie - Realtree Edge/Blaze Orange, Blaze Pink/Black, Realtree Edge/Aqua, Realtree Excape/Blaze Orange, or Realtree Max-5/Blaze Orange

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We have combined two great fabrics for our reversible hunting beanie to give you superior comfort. A rich luxurious fleece and our Polyester/Spandex D-Tech®. This reversible beanie comes in 5 different color ways: Realtree Edge® reversing to a fleece Blaze Orange, Blaze Pink reversing to a fleece Black, Realtree Edge® reversing to a fleece Aqua, Realtree Excape™ reversing to a fleece Blaze Orange or Realtree Max-5® reversing to a fleece Blaze Orange

  • Reversible camo beanie recommended for temps 0 to 50°F
  • Pony tail opening in the back of the beanie
  • Decorative contrasting logo embroidery
  • One size fits most

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