Eskimo EZ-Stow Pivoting Tow Hitch

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The Eskimo EZ-Stow Pivoting Tow Hitch allows you to attach your flip-style shelter or hauler sled to a snowmobile or ATV, without needing to remove it for storage. The unique pivoting action allows the tongue of the hitch to be flipped over the top of the sled for compact storage in a garage, truck, or trailer transport. Once you reach the lake, you can flip the tongue down and lock it in place for easy and secure towing. A ball hitch adapter is also included for ATV travel, and the universal size means that it fits most sled widths.


Fits most sled widths
Mounts on the front of the sled
In-line hinge system, allows tongue to pivot and sit on top the shelter during storage or transportation
Titball hitch coupler for more towing options
Mounting hardware included 


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