First Drop Plastics - Mayfly Wiggler - 4 Colors Including Glow!

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Michigan Plastics Company!

Premium hand poured soft plastic ice fishing baits.

Pack of 8
Coated in our unique fish catching scent
1.25 inch long

The Wiggler is a segmented mayfly/wiggler imitator. Works really well for all panfish, and perch especially. Take the front segment off and try using the back segment only for fussy bluegills. Doubles as an amazing open water bait for bluegills and perch.

Pair with your favorite jig and an Original Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber or Original Super Glow Titanium Spring Bobber!



Ferngully - Translucent green with black and multicolor shimmer flake.

Glow Wonderbread - It Glows! Our Glow Wonderbread has pink, red and blue flake and glows in the dark

Leroy Brown - Translucent Brown! Leroy is a medium brown with black and shimmering red fleck.

The Shiner - Designed to imitate minnow coloring.  A shimmery white with black, purple and blue shimmer flake.

Warning: Not for human consumption. This product can expose you to lead or other chemicals, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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