MagBay Lures - All Speed Wahoo Lure GI-24

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This quadruple jet, heavy-tackle lure is a must-have for any tournament wahoo. An iridescent 24oz head creates a jet flow of water, exceeding any action on the market today. Serious wahooligans (and their wahoos) can’t live without it!

24oz of pure wahoo bait means a step up for big game wahoo fishing. With a removable nose, you can create erratic trolling action when removed. An iridescent coating is entirely resistant to corrosion, and bright colors act as an attractant for pelagic fish.

Since running multiple tests of iridescent powder coating vs traditional chrome or stainless, we proved iridescent gets hit more. You can use traditional rubber, mylar, nylon hair, and more for the skirt. Skirts available in 2 multi-color combos so fish pay maximum attention

This lure is #1 in our wahoo arsenal and we have a big arsenal. We have over 1200 days of fishing for Magdalena Bay wahoo. The GI 24 is always in high demand!  

  • Length:  14 Inches (depending on skirt technique)
  • Weight:  24oz
  • Jets: 4

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