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The 100% USA Made Bucktail Jigs are the newest offering from MagBay Lures.

  • Vibrant colors and realistic action 
  • Available in bright glitter, solid gloss, and original metal
  • Stripers, Bass, Snook, Musky, Walleye and more
  • 3-packs contains a 1.5 oz, 2 oz, and 2.5 oz heads.

Bucktail jigs are incredibly versatile tools and fishable in multiple locations. Due to this versatility, they utilize many techniques. One of the quintessential lures for predator fish, these jigs are time-tested and effective.

Bucktail Jigs Offer:

  • A Unique shape gives for a natural gliding action
  • Great for deep water, flats or shallows
  • They Imitate bait fish from squid to shrimp and minnows.
  • Long Lasting Durability compared to traditional plastisol swimbaits and rubber lures.
  • They stand up to sharp teeth and big fights.

Bucktail Jigs are great from boats or even the shoreline.  Used in WWII as part of Soldier’s survival kits, most serious fishermen have at least a handful of bucktail jigs in their tackle box. Available in 3 packs, each pack contains 1 1.5 oz, 1 2 oz, and 1 2.5 oz Jig Head to cover maximum fishing opportunities. Color options range from neon glitter, bright solid gloss, and the classic metallic chrome.

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