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The Cedar Plug design and concept is tried and true to put tuna on the boat. As much as Magbay Lures wants to take credit for innovation, these lures simply work. Using shimmy, shake, and bubble action, these lures imitate baitfish and can’t be stopped when trolled for tuna, wahoo, mahi, and marlin. 

Cedar plugs are time-tested answers to catch tuna. These plugs mimic frantic baitfish action and create great bubbling surface action. The design is simplistic but these lures really do everything. Tuna can’t resist them, but wahoo, billfish, and mahi won’t be shy either. Natural colored cedar plugs work best in clear water where they appear to be baitfish or small squid. These lures come in a 8″ size, and we recommend having a variety on the boat at all times. Cedar plugs work well no matter how far back in the spread they are, but many people prefer trolling them on the outriggers or directly behind the boat when targeting tuna.



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