MagBay Lures - Currican Vallarta Unrigged

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The Ultimate light- to medium-tackle lure, attracting wahoo, tuna, marlin, sailfish, and other pelagic species. The lure comes in an eye-catching pink and purple color scheme and is expertly designed to be the #1 tool in your fishing arsenal. Despite it’s name, you don’t have to be in Mexico to have some fun with this lure!

This lure is one of our secret weapons for an all-around excellent water-trolling plug. We have landed marlin, tuna, skipjack, mahi, yellowtail, sailfish and more, using this cupped face, short-head lure. Featuring a dynamic pink-purple coloration, this lure looks good and is ready for action. Made in the USA, the heavy-duty resin head is protected from damage and discoloration. Whether you are searching for school-size Yellowfin tuna or grander-size blue marlin, this lure gets hit by them all.


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