MagBay Lures - Frequent Flyer 14″ Floating Flying Fish

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  • MagBay Frequent Flyer Floating Flying Fish
  • 14″ flying fish – Kite Ready, but no Kite Required
  • Proven Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna Catching Machine

This Lure replicates a California Flying Fish and comes in at a whopping 14″ long.  Featuring built in flotation within the body so they stay on top of the water no matter how you choose to fish it. The wings are affixed with a semi-flexible rod to ensure they keep their form but stay out of the way of the hook when being pulled at varying speeds.  In the fishes mouth the rod might collapse to prevent any pressure pushing the mouth off of the hook.  We have extra polycarbonate rods for those who need them.

  • 14″ Long
  • Rigged with an 11/0 7732SS Tuna hook and large 5x treble hook for maximum success
  • Built in floatation
  • Flexible rod system for wings
  • No kite required, but can be used with Kite as well

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