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This medium-tackle lure is made of beautiful UV glow material, attracting marlin, dorado, and tuna from far away. Perfect for early morning or evening, it performs best in a shotgun or rigger position trolling at 6-10 knots. Offered rigged or unrigged to let you customize, or start fishing straight out of the box. This lure is so good, the results will “glow” you away! 


Eye-catching UV glow skirts look good in all scenarios and really shine for dusk and dawn fishing. The glow and color pattern rank highly for trolling productivity, and the cupped face really makes a big splash. Made in the USA, this lure is ready to take on whatever comes up. 

  • Overall Lure Length:  11.5″
  • Head OD 1.5″
  • Face:  Cupped Round Non Slant
  • Ideal Troll Speed:  6-10 knots
  • Troll Position:  Shotgun or Rigger

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