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Welcome to a new breed of wahoo! The MagTrak lure is truly innovative, speeding straight below the surface or out of the propwash. It also incorporates the patented HookMag™ Technology, magnetically sealing the front hook in the stinger position at any speed until a strike occurs. The hook is then released directly connecting hook and fish via swivel. Wahoo can’t get enough of this Mag-snack, and you won’t want to fishing without it. 

We encourage all wahoo fishermen to have at least one on the boat at all times.  With this lures’ strike ratio, it just make sense.

The MagTrak features a patented design allowing the lure to swim straight just below the surface at speeds of up to 20 knots, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash. You can run it in the shotgun or up tight, which never messes up your spread. Due to it’s heft, it doesn’t require a trolling weight.

No matter how you fish, if wahoo is the target, the MagTrak High Speed Wahoo Lure is sure to bring success. Our HookMag™ technology magnetically seals the front hook in the stinger position at any speed until a Wahoo or other strike occurs.  Then, the hook is released and connected via direct swivel to hook and mouth of fish.  Please check out the videos below for a better understanding of the concept.  

  • 10 Inch Dynamic Body with patented design to swim in a fashion that replicates small wahoo
  • HookMag Technology with 10/0 304 Series Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Increased Hookup Ratio
  • Increased Strike Ratio
  • No Hassle at High Speeds
  • No Trolling Weight Required
  • Short corner to shotgun in the spread
  • Multiple Color Patterns
  • Through Wire Construction on Ultrasonically Welded Solid ABS Shells
  • Welded Rings on 500 lbs strength ball-bearing swivels


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