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This is the Mother of all lures. Featuring slanted plunger head and sleek design, this large lure is ready to reel in those prize-winning monster marlins, tuna, mahi, and wahoo. The lure comes in multiple colors to ensure maximum attentions from our friends under the water. Let this hot mama show you how she gets a fish!

 The Mamacita is a lady that packs a big punch. Over a foot long, the lure features a high quality multi-angled resin head with beautiful abalone inlay. This is a large lure perfect for granders, large mahi and tuna. It fits nicely in the spread and can go anywhere you need it to. This heavy-tackle lure is tournament proven to catch big game fish, and comes in multi-color variations for max attraction. Available rigged or unrigged for your convenience.


  • Length: 15″
  • Style: 5 Inch Multi Angled Resin Head
  • Weight: 13 Ounces

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