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The Mini Meat is truly a world-class tuna lure and one of our most popular items! The brilliant blue-tinted Abalone shell inlay makes this lure stand out both in and out of the water. Don’t be afraid of the word “mini”- size doesn’t always matter and this little lure is able to handle anything thrown its’ way. We might as well call it the Mini Treat!

A truly unbeatable tuna and mahi lure! The color, size, shape, and design attracts tuna, mahi, wahoo and anything else that happens to pass by. The brilliant Abalone shell inlay with blue tint looks great in the water and on the deck, and although classified as light-tackle, this lure can hold its’ own in the water. Made in the USA, this lure features high quality resin that won’t be damaged or discolored. 

  • Tackle:  Light Tackle
  • Overall Length:  8.5″
  • Skirt Size:  8″
  • Overall Weight:  3.75 oz

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