MagBay Lures - Tuna Tidbit Daisy Chain Lure

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Our Tuna Tidbit lure is back with some tiny friends! Mahi and tuna treat these like candy and keep coming back for more and more. The color variation with the gummy fish are an instant attraction, and coupled with the Tuna Tidbit, are a deadly combination. It’s time to get on board the Daisy train!

Tuna Tidbit Tuna Mahi Daisy Chain is a great alternative to a standard lure. Daisy Chains are one of the most effective things to improve your strike rate and bring fish up from further depths. The flyers add additional noise and excitement and can provoke a more aggressive strike from big game fish. This daisy chain lure comes fully rigged with a 5.5″ cupped-face Tuna Tidbit, plus 3 flyers, on 250 mono line. The USA-made resin head and Magbay skirts are high-quality and won’t discolor. Offered in 4 vibrant colors, the lure has something for everyone, including the fish! 

Single 9/0 Hookset

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