MagBay Lures - Wahoo Lure – Savage Plomero Daisy Chain

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The lure consists of three powerful jet teasers in front of the torpedo-style Plomero lure. The weight of the stainless steel head pushes the jets deep and pulls large amounts of water through the heads, creating massive cavitation. Wahoo are unable to resist this lure when trolled 8-15 knots. This lure is guaranteed to be the #1 high speed wahoo lure of all time. 

This lure and daisy chain is fully rigged with 280lb, 7 strand SS cable. Three jet head teasers create massive action, ensuring maximum attention from wahoo, tuna, billfish, and mahi. Available in a multiple skirt colors, the lure is extremely adaptive. It performs best when trolled from 8-15 knots. 

  • Length: 15in
  • Packaged in individual lure bag

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