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Flying Fish are the #1 must-have lure for tuna. Use these lures to slow troll or drop from the kite when need be, and pull in tuna when no other lure will do. Available in 4 colors, these also have multiple rigging options. When you see the amount of tuna you catch, you’ll want to kiss these flying fish. 

These 8 inch Yummee Flying Fish lures are one of our most popular items. Flying Fish are perhaps the most effective tuna lures on the planet. Made of soft plastic, these innovative lures work in tandem with kites to catch surface-loving tuna. Tuna naturally prefer to eat flying fish, and often travel at the surface with dolphins in search of these tasty bites. Available in Blue Pearl, Green Black, Black Silver, and Red Black, these lures have multiple rigging options, including stingers. These lures are well known for catching 300lb+ tuna when no other lure can. Not only do tuna jump for flying fish, but wahoo, marlin, and billfish won’t stay away. These flying fish are adaptable and function well in a variety of positions, and often will get hits from fish while you have other monsters on the line.  


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