Willie T's Downrigger Weights

Willie T’s Balls by Dreaming Duck Tackle LLC

Willie T's balls are a step above the rest offering rubber coating so you won't damage your fiberglass, 304 stainless wire (meaning they can be used in salt and/or freshwater), and an adjustable fin. The fin tracks more true than a round ball if left straight. It also allows you to angle your outside balls away from each other.

What does this mean? It means instead of having your downrigger balls five feet from each other they can range between fifteen to thirty feet apart depending on depth. Contact us today to find out how to get our balls on your boat!!!

Keep in mind these weights are coated to protect your boat. They are not comparable to a painted or powder coated weight. The fin weights have a 304 stainless wire welded to a steel plate which you can tune to widen your presentation.


Made in Michigan!


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How to Adjust Your Fins

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