RockStarlette Outdoors


Rockstarlette Outdoors Active Wear designs celebrate all of the things that you love about the outdoors!  

The women who feel our brand represents them are strong and independent, tough but feminine, fierce yet kind. They believe in our motto: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower" and they are not afraid to shout out someone else's accomplishment and to cheer others on. Encouraging others in no way takes away from your own accomplishments. We believe in positivity and kindness! Our brand celebrates women who hike, camp, shoot, go 4 wheeling, snorkel, ice fish, forage, bowfish, love to get off-road and so much more!! Rockstarlette Outdoors Active Wear allows you to have versatile clothing designs that can go from the gym to the street, from the hiking trail to out on the town! Our designs truly represent your outdoor passions and lifestyle wherever you wear them! 

80% of our items are Made in the USA with the other 20% Made in Mexico (we NEVER manufacture in China!) and we strive to keep as much of our production in the US as possible in order to create jobs for Americans! Our company is based in Northern Arizona.


Owner and Designer Joni Marie!

Joni was born and raised in Alaska. She grew up working on a commercial fishing site with her family every summer and really valued the life lessons she learned there about hard work and a love for being in the outdoors. Joni was the co-founder of the largest archery store in the State of Alaska; which she operated for 7 years. During the years that she owned the archery shop she taught thousands of men, women and children how to shoot a bow, outfitted them for their hunts and found a real passion for the education side of hunting. She was incredibly honored to receive the Diana Award from Safari Club International for her work in Conservation and working to grow the sport of archery through education. Joni loves fishing, hiking, photography, looking for sheds, riding her Harley, and is a passionate 2nd amendment supporter. She is an avid bowhunter, having taken 26 big game animals with her bow.  She came up with RO's company motto: "Encourage. Inspire. Empower." because of her outlook on supporting and encouraging other women. "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" is one of her favorite sayings, meaning that you lose nothing of yourself by cheering on others. She is a firm believer in the power of sisterhood and works hard to have a staff that uphold those values in the way that they represent the brand. Joni designs all of the Rockstarlette Outdoors items and patterns herself and is proud to be a Small American Business. She has recently relocated to Arizona.

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