Laker Taker Lures

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6 new colors released spring 2020​!!

Laker Taker Lures come standard with 50# Flourocarbon Leader, 
Size 1 VMC Vanadium Hooks, and Super Glow Beads

​Run your Laker Taker Lure 25" - 30" behind your favorite attractor, near or on bottom


LT01 Pink Chartreuse Tiger
LT02 Double Trouble Yellow
LT03 Glow Orange Dot
LT04 Darth Vader
LT05 Pinkie
LT06 The Hulk
LT07 Double Trouble Green
LT08 Little Boy Blue
LT09 Lemon Lime
LT10 Bozo

LT15 - UV Area 51
LT16 - UV Blue Dolphin
LT17 - UV Chrome Wonderbread
LT18 - Green Glow
LT19 - Super Glow Little Boy Blue
LT21 - UV Chrome Lucky Charms
LT11 NEW: WonderBread
LT12 NEW: Fire Tiger
LT 13 NEW: Juicy Fruit
LT14 NEW: Grease Lightning


NEW! UV Area 51!


NEW! UV Blue Dolphin


NEW! UV Chrome Wonderbread!

NEW! Green Glow!


NEW! Super Glow Little Boy Blue!

NEW! UV Chrome Lucky Charms!



     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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