Laker Taker Lures

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New Colors - Jan 2024
LT35-UV Banana Bread
LT36-UV Golden Bread
LT37-UV Blue Bread

Laker Taker Lures come standard with size 2 SpinNGlo, 50# Fluorocarbon Leader, Size 1 VMC Vanadium Hooks, and Super Glow Beads

​Run your Laker Taker Lure 25" - 30" behind your favorite attractor, near or on bottom


Don't forget your Laker Taker Stickers too!

LT01 - Pink Chartreuse Tiger
LT02 - Double Trouble Yellow
LT03 - Glow Orange Dot
LT04 - Darth Vader
LT05 - Pinkie
LT06 - The Hulk-discontinued
LT07 - Double Trouble Green
LT08 - Little Boy Blue
LT09 - Lemon Lime
LT10 - Bozo

LT21 - UV Chrome Lucky Charms
LT22 - UV Bad Frog
LT23 - UV Gumball
LT24 - UV Frosty Frog
LT25 - Green Pickle
LT26 - Dirty Bread
LT27 - Bubblegum
LT28 - Charlie's Special
LT29 - Killer B
LT30 - Orange Crush

LT11 - Glow Wonderbread
LT12 - Fire Tiger
LT13 - Juicy Fruit
LT14 - Grease Lightning
LT15 - UV Area 51
LT16 - UV Blue Dolphin
LT17 - UV Chrome Wonderbread
LT18 - Green Glow
LT19 - Super Glow Little Boy Blue
LT20 - Pearl Pink Dot

LT31 - Brown Trout
LT32 - Unicorn Farts
LT33 - Glow Two Face
LT34 - UV Blackjack
LT35 - UV Banana Bread
LT36 - UV Golden Bread
LT37 - UV Blue Bread




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