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Ice Strong Outdoors, originally Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobbers, initially started out as a husband and wife, Captain Matt and Laura Strong, both avid ice-fisherman, including fishing the NAIFC tournament series and the MI Midwest Open, selling their own spring bobbers on the ice wherever they fished.  

Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobbers was then born.  These bobbers continue to be  made in Michigan, and sold on the ice, in retail stores, and on our website.

In 2017, Captain Matt, also a charter boat captain on Lake Michigan, came out with his new line - Laker Taker Lures.

Then came Ice Strong Outdoors - as we continue to expand, this name more represents our business model! 

We look forward to growing with you!

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2019 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Tactical Gear Guide!





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Ice Strong Bobbers Link to the Entire Magazine Nov-Dec 2017
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Ice Strong Bobber link to Gwizdz's Gadgets - Jan 2018
"Spring bobbers are the simplest of ice fishing accessories but for panfish anglers, among the most important. They simple wire extensions of your rod that betrays even the lightest bite — a necessity when the fish aren't jumping on it.

Michigan charter boat skipper/fishing guide Matt Strong hit a home run when he introduced his titanium Ice Strong spring bobbers last year and the response has been so good that he added an ultralight version to the line this year. His .014 inch wire spring bobbers are lighter than the standard versions (.016) but test out at about 40 pounds and are guaranteed to perform at up to -25 degrees.

You can find cheaper spring bobbers on the market, but, as always, you get what you pay for. — Bob Gwizdz"

Ice Strong Bobber link to Gwizdz's Gadgets - Feb 2016
"Sometimes, the littlest things make a big difference. And when it comes to ice fishing for panfish, a very little thing — a spring bobber — can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.

Spring bobbers are lightweight — often a single strand of wire — accessories that extend the rod beyond the tip. They're light enough that if a fish as much as breathes on it, it'll move. When the fish are barely biting, a spring bobber will tell.

If you wait to feel the bite, you're lost.

A new spring bobber on the market — by Ice Strong out of Ludington — is made of a single strand of .016th—inch titanium wire with a large-enough, brightly colored bead at the loop that even those among us with the tiredest eyes can see it. Designed to be fished with tiny baits, the Ice Strong bobbers won't kink.

Best yet, Ice Strong is a Michigan company. For info, visit www.fishicestrong.com. — Bob Gwizdz"

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