Using Your Ice Strong Bobber

An Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber is the MOST important part of an ice fishing setup.  The bobber not only serves as your rod's tip, but is a highly sensitive strike indicator and helps you replicate your jig cadence.


1) The first step is to determine what jig you will be using and pick the appropriate Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber.

  • Pulse Bobber is designed for 2.0 - 3.0mm Tungsten Jigs and Flies
  • Ultralight Bobber is designed for 3.0 - 4.0mm Tungsten Jigs and Flies
  • Original Bobber is designed for 4.0 - 5.0mm Tungsten Jigs and Plastics
  • XL Bobber is designed for deadstick presentations and larger spoons/jigs

2) The next step is to attach your your bobber.  It should be attached to the end of your rod tip and acts as extension of your rod.  Click here for instructions on attaching.

3) The third step is to load the bobber.  Thread your line through the spring bobber and tie on your favorite jig.  The spring bobber will load up - meaning it should hang at an approximate 45 degree angle from your rod.

4) The final step is to get out on the ice and see all of the bites you're been missing!

You will notice, that with these highly sensitive bobbers, not only will you see the down bite, but you will see the ever-so-subtle UP bite of a crappie or finicky bluegill.  Fish on fellow anglers!


The Ice Strong Titanium Original Bobber in action from Scott Hoover Fishing.

Scott Hoover talks about fishing in the weed-lines while using his Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber.

Rick Wesner of Facebook Ice Fishing Michigan talks about installation of the Ice Strong Outdoors Titanium Spring Bobber as well as other tips and tricks and how to use your bobber effectively!

Ice Strong supporter Nolan Arthur showcases his Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber in action!
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