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No one makes a better spring bobber than Ice Strong Outdoors. Three different sizes to cover different fishing situations and the best part.......Made in the USA.
-Bill Baum '18

Spring bobbers work great when it is windy outside so you can see the bite action
-Travis Adams '18

I use it, I love it or I wouldn't recommend it!
-Mike Costello '18

I have use these while panfishing and they work well for feeling the negative bite.
-Val Tesch '18

Local ponds around home make a product like this a must!! Love the profile of it and the easy ability to detect finicky bites.
-Jonathon Johnson '18

I’ve been ice fishing my whole life and never have had a spring bobber that works this well. I love the different options they offer for different size jigs. Keep up the great work guys!
-Tyler John Reed '18

Great product. I have them on all my poles and wouldn’t use anything else. See the lightest bites.
-Michael Kline '18

Second season in and still love these spring bobbers. The best part now is I've been bringing my 10 and 5 year old along and these spring bobbers are so sensitive and easy to watch they have no problem catching fish.
-Jeremy Erdman '18  

Best damn strike indicator I have ever used be far.  Un-freaking-believable how tough they are and the responsiveness and sensitivity are  unparalleled.  Highly recommend this product.
-Michael DeRyder '17

See the lightest bights guaranteed with this bobber!!!!
-Donald Wittmer '17

There the best there is....wont ever fail u! And they will last. Big bites or littlest bites, they hold up to them. Great product.
-Jeremiah Eckert '17 

Best purchase from last season! See the bite with Ice Strong!
-Zach Tolzman '17 

I bought one of these when you guys were set up at dnr sports in kzoo, put it on and these are great , I will not use anything else on my main rigs ever again , thanx a bunch for a killer product that works great , I recommend you guys to all my friends 
​– Ben Hoffman '17 

Quality products here! Matched with a top quality diamond custom rod, these things are unstoppable! Don’t waste your time with the cheap ones people, these things are all you need and built to last!!  :)
​ -Joe Doty '17

I literally started ice fishing this season and decided to try these on a whim while google searching. I'm glad I decided to order some and even made a second order already. Two of my buddies think they're great as well. Great product. 
​– Jeremy Erdman '17

Awesome product! You will never get those crummy spring bobbers that clip on your rod and break the tip again. 
- Ryan Espeseth '16

Great page to be involved with, won't be long and these spring bobbers will be bouncing again.
-Roger Pierson '16

A great add on to your ice rods ! Great for detecting the lightest nibbles !!! 
​– Bill Mafturack '16


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