8.5" Dual Fin Flashers PERSONALIZED! - 6 colors!

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8.5" Dual Fin Flasher - Colors: Transparent Chartreuse, Transparent Light Chart/Green-Antifreeze, Transparent Green, Metallic Green, Chrome, and Black

Customize your blade today!
Tape: Available with Glow Moonjelly, MooMoo or UV Glow Moonjelly
Style: No name, Ice Strong, or ENTER YOUR BOAT NAME HERE!


CHOOSE YOUR FULL CUSTOMIZATION!  Choose your choice of 2 colors and note in the notes section - Overlay and Underlay color - see color swatch photo

-Blue Bubble
-Dark Green
-Glow Moonjelly
-Light Green
-Moo Moo
-Mountain Dew
-UV Moonjelly

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