Luna Sea Leader-Mate

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The Leader-Mate™ and Leader-Mate Mini are premium plastic foam fishing accessories that snap on to your fishing rod and allow you to wrap fresh and saltwater leaders around them for easy organization and future access! Tuck divers, sinkers, planers, hooks, and other terminal fishing tackle in the Leader-Mate’s patented pockets to keep them stored safely and within easy reach.

Tangled leaders and knotted rigs are a thing of the past with Leader-Mate™! Just wrap your fishing rigs, monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire, around the Leader-Mate™, then store your sinkers, divers/planers, hooks or other terminal tackle in Leader-Mate’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.

  • Grips securely onto any fishing rod
  • Holds mono, fluoro, wire, hooks, sinkers, planers, divers, and more!
  • Keeps your leaders neat and secure until you’re ready to fish

It’s that easy, that fast, and that organized. With Leader-Mate, you’re always ready to fish. No more tangles!

Available in Silver, Green, and Yellow



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