MagBay Lures - Carey Chen Mahi Lure #15

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The #15 Mahi Lure with Carey Chen artwork not only catch fish, but are truly incredible pieces of art to have in your collection.  These light- to medium-tackle plugs attract everything and fit nicely in the spread. Whether you call them mahi, dolphin, or dorado, these fish won’t say no!

Carey Chen Series Lures by MagBay are making a name for themselves fast.  This beautiful lures is not only a piece of art, but brings in the fish! The Mahi head design, coupled with extremely reflective Architeuthis mahi skirts, is often chosen as the first in the spread from offshore predators. No matter if you are fishing for mahi, tuna, marlin, sailfish or wahoo, this lure is potentially the best all around bait to date. Made in the USA, this high-quality resin won’t be damaged or discolored. Give one a try, we are 100% certain you will be completely satisfied with the results.

Lure Length:  10 Inches

Lure Style:  Cup Face Mahi  

Lure weight Skirted:  3.5 oz


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