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This unique heavy-tackle lure is meant for serious wahoo fishermen anywhere in the world! The long head design features a holographic art insert by Carey Chen that drives wahoo crazy. Weighted to stay deep, this lure is perfect for high speed fishing and taking down a big monster. 

This heavy-tackle lure highlights a holographic head insert with incredible artwork by Carey Chen. Aiming for wahoo, this lure is no stranger to strikes from big mahi, barracuda, and tuna. The long head is ideally designed for high speed fishing but works perfectly for standard trolling speeds as well. Made in the USA, the high quality resin means no damage and discoloration to the head. Additionally, the head’s heavy weight makes this lure excel at lower depths, and the shape and holographic head drive wahoo crazy.

  • Lure Length:  17″
  • Head length: 7″
  • Total Weight: 15oz

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