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Renowned as some of the best medium-tackle lures on the market for wahoo, it’s not uncommon for tuna, dorado, and billfish to inhale these lures. They run great in any spread, can be trolled to 16 knots or more, and almost always put fish on the boat. The bright colors and variety of stainless steel heads are sure to attract anything in the water.

The Plomerito is a smaller, medium-tackle version of our heavy-tackle wahoo slayer, the Plomero. The heads range from stainless steel, anodized colors and iridescent, and are weighted to dive deep, catching the eye of almost every pelagic fish. They troll perfectly from 7 to 16 knots and have proven to be irresistible to wahoo. 


  • Length: 11 in
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Medium head weight for deeper diving
  • Intense color hues for maximum attraction
  • Troll Speed 7-16 knots

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