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The El Plomero high speed wahoo lure is an absolute wahoo slayer, no matter if you’re tournament fishing or looking to catch your personal best. This large, heavy-tackle lure and unique skirt options are sure to attract even the pickiest fish. Its’ carefully designed head weight ensures a deep dive and fast trolling attraction that wahoo simply cannot resist.

El Plomero High Speed Wahoo Trolling Lure 100% Made in the USA

This beast of a big game lure is something you should never be without if there are wahoo nearby. This heavy-tackle lure really aims for trophy fish and usually pulls up some monsters. The Plomero’s long head, sleek design, and wide variety of color options make it hard for big fish to resist. Additionally, the innovative design makes replacing skirts a dream, allowing you completely customize the look of the lure. The head is available in stainless steel or iridescent steel. Rigging is best with 10/0 – 11/0 Hookset on stainless cable with 280 lbs – 480 lbs leader SS cable. Made in the USA, these high-quality and durable lures can pull in whatever comes up.


    • Length: 16 Inches
    • 16 oz
    • Large, heavy chrome SS head for deep diving
    • Multiple Colors Available

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