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This heavy-tackle lure lives up to its name, weighing in over 1lb and stretching to 18″ in length. Make no mistake, this plunger lure is here for those front page, grand prize, record-breaking fish. Available in 3 distinct colors, including an original Carey Chen art design, this lure is sure to help you catch a “Gigante” of your own.


This extra-large plunger style lure attracts and catches large blue and black marlin. The Gigante has a 6 inch head with an outer diameter of 2.2 inches and an overall weight of 1 lbs and 4 oz.  A truly amazing lure for targeting grander marlin or for a teaser on the short rigger. The perfectly balanced keel-weighted head also has incredible plunger action when trolled from 6 -12 knots. Made in the USA using high quality materials means no damage or discoloration no matter how hard of a beating it takes. Monster marlin, wahoo, sailfish, and others will not be able to resist. These giant lures have proven to be eye-catchers and “grander landers” all over the world.

  • Lure Length:  18 Inches
  • Lure Weight:  18oz
  • Head Style:  Slant Plunger

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