MagBay Lures - High Speed Wahoo Lure – El Sincero Senior! 48oz - Featuring Our QuickSkirt™ System

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El Sincero SENIOR is an amazing fishing lure with great innovation, and is one of our most customizable lures. Stainless steel heads come in multiple colors with multi-color skirt options. They now also inclue our QuickSkirt™ system which features anodized aluminum components and stainless steel ball bearings allowing you to change skirts within seconds with the easy to use release mechanism. No more tying or gluing!

These el sincero rattler lures work best at high speeds, where their big action and color pop. Wahoo, sailfish, marlin and other high speed strikers can’t resist.  These lures always come rigged so you’re ready to rock and roll right out of the box. If you use your Sincero, big fish will fly like an arrow!

If you have used similar style lures for big wahoo in the past, you need to try the Sincero lures. These stainless steel metal heads rattle around, creating noise and bubble trails, driving wahoo to strike. These open-faced lures are made for speed and demand to be noticed. You can put this lure in an position on the boat and they will run straight. We believe this lure not only catches fish itself, but also attracts other strikes on other lures. Dragging El Sincero in the spread around 15 knots creates maximum action and noise, drawing any fish in the area to your lines. For this reason, we always keep on in the spread. Additionally, these lures are the most customizable item we have, offering a variety heads and skirt colors in 48oz lure sizes.

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