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Jagged Jets are the perfect-size jet head to have in any spread. They work for small skipjack and bonita, all the way up to big blue marlin, so no matter where in the world, these lures work.  The concave head features 4 jets allowing for enhanced movement, similar to a frantic baitfish. Available in 5 unique colors combinations, fish will fly to catch these jets!


This 8.5″ lure is an absolute must have. We recommend having it on board at all times.  No matter the day, the weather, the sea condition, there is always a reason to pull a Jagged Jet. The lure has been deemed best in nearly every water, tested from Australia to Florida. The reflective oil-spill skirt colorations drive fish nuts and generally accumulates hits at higher ratios than non-oil spill skirts. The metal head features 4 metal jets, causing the lure to pop nicely when trolling. 

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