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A true saltwater weapon for mahi, tuna, marlin, sailfish and wahoo. This mini-slant plunger was designed specifically to slay mahi across the world, but due to its’ incredible versality can take down anything. We may call it a morsel, but fish will want a big bite!


No matter where you fish, this mini-slant plunger lure is an absolute must-have for dorado and Yellowfin tuna. Although it certainly catches fish from wahoo to marlin, dorado can’t seem to get enough.  The lure’s thoughtfully-crafted size is not too big for small yellowfin, or too small for huge marlin, making it an extremely adaptable tool in your arsenal. This lure is used from Florida to Hawaii, and is hand crafted in the USA. 

Tackle: Light to Medium Length: 9″ Weight: 5 oz

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