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These light- to medium-tackle lures are slaying dorado, tuna, marlin and wahoo across the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. This realistic fish-head lure rock and rolls at a troll speed of 6-9 knots and is an innovative and popular alternative to the traditional resin heads. Give it a try and watch this Phoenix bring fish up from the depths.

Phoenix Fish Heads look small, but pack a big punch. Their realistic design and lightweight profile mean greater strike ratios. It’s an innovative move away from the traditional resin head lures. Striped Marlin and sailfish respond positively to the way the lure bobs, jumps, and dives in the water, but dorado, wahoo, and tuna won’t stay away either. These light- to medium-tackle lures are made in the USA and come in a variety of realistic and eye-popping colors. They fit nicely in the spread and troll best at 6-9 knots.

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