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The newest weapon in your fishing arsenal!  These cupped face Tidbits create great action to attract tuna, mahi, marlin, wahoo and others. Available in vibrant colors, this lure fits nicely in the spread when you need something smaller. While a tidbit for us, it’s a feast for the fish.

una Tidbit Tuna Mahi lure is the perfect size to catch almost anything.  These petite cupped-face trolling lures are ideal for when you need something smaller in the spread. The lure’s design creates heavy action that brings up pelagic predators. Made in the USA, the resin heads are resistant to damage and discoloration. The lure comes in a variety of colors to attract tuna, mahi mahi, billfish, and wahoo. This lure is smaller in stature, but takes a big bite out of fish.

  • Length:  5.5″
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Face:  Cupped

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