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Wahoo Clippers are ideal trolling lures for tuna, wahoo, mahi, sailfish, and marlin, both in tournament or leisure fishing. With a custom weight-balanced head, the lure runs true no matter what the speed or conditions. These lures are offered rigged or unrigged, and the beautiful shell inlay and brilliant color schemes make this a must-have for your tackle collection.

These medium-tackle, bullet-style mahi, wahoo, marlin, and tuna lures are great to troll straight, or with weighted trolling weights for greater depth when needed. A keel-weighted head keeps the line running true regardless of the weather or water conditions. The lures are extremely popular and come in a variety of colors, including the ever-popular UV glow. These lures have placed in several tournaments in Baja California and are becoming known all over the world. We offer Wahoo Clippers unrigged or rigged, depending on your preferences. 

Length: 10″

Style: Bullet

DIMENSIONS 9 × 1 × 1 in

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