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Our Desperado lures are well-known with serious wahoo anglers around the globe. These unbeatable wahoo lures pull up to 15 knots. Because of the tight wobbling and vibrating action, Wahoo and other pelagic fish all fall prey. With a color pattern for everyone, fish will be desperate to get a taste.

Desperado High Speed Trolling Lures are one of our bestselling items. This lure uses a proprietary multi-frequency rattle irresistible to wahoo. It runs straight up to 15 knots meaning wahoo will chase it all day long.  Desperados hold up to the hardest of strikes, still standing strong because they are made with extremely durable construction. Since the lure uses swiveling hook hangers for maximum catch capacity, this lure keeps hooked fish on the line.

  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 oz

A few of the color combos:

Purple and Black- “Magbay Special”

This dark purple and black lure is perhaps the most famous color combo of all time for wahoo. As a result, it is an absolute must-have if wahoo is the target. Since the wahoo are probably thickest in the world in Magdalena Bay, this is our special lure.

Pink and White- “Lady Magdalena”

It was obvious over the years that pink lures are often the first to get hit. We tested this lure to the extremes, and turns ocean wahoo to boat Wahoo every time. Lady Magdalena may or may not be married to Jesus, but she sure will catch a boat load of fish.

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