MagBay Lures - Xeno Plunger™ Pelagic Lure

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The Costa Rican Killer! When the bite is on in Costa Rica, this lure pulls up some amazing sailfish and marlin. This heavy-tackle plunger features a beautiful abalone inlay and dark skirt, and has won some tournaments to boot. Take the Xeno plunge and show those marlin who’s the boss!

This beautifully crafted plunger-style trolling lure makes waves no matter where it is. Sailfish and marlin cannot resist this angled head and sleek design.  Made in the USA, this heavy-tackle lure features a resin head with beautiful abalone inlay, resistant to damage and discoloration.  Don’t be surprised when you pull in some granders, large mahi and tuna.

  • Un-rigged Weight:  9 oz
  • Overall Length: 15″
  • Head OD:  1.5″
  • Head Length:  4″

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