Norsk 14.8V 20.8AH Lithium-Ion Battery with Charger Perfect for LiveScope

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Designed for use with live imaging or 360 sonar systems, the Norsk 20Ah Lithium Battery is engineered to meet the demand for high-power draw digital units with larger displays and optimized for all-day performance. The Norsk 20Ah Lithium Battery weighs 4.8 lbs. and measures 5.9 X 2.85 X 3.70".  Livescope is getting on average 15-16+ hours!

Don't store your battery for the winter. NORSK batteries include a patent pending LED indicator and Dual USB accessory ports! Keep your phone charged and power accessories during all of your outdoor adventures.


1000+ charge cycles, 2-year limited warranty!

16.8V Battery Charger Included


Full charge under 7 hours!


Rated Capacity 20.8AH
Working Voltage 11.2V – 16.8V
Size 5.94 x 2.85 x 3.77 In
Weight 4.85 lbs
Added Features Battery Status Indicator & Dual USB Ports

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