Norsk 14.8V 24AH Lithium-Ion Battery with Charger Perfect for LiveScope

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Designed specifically for the newest and most demanding sonars on the market! At NORSK, we know electronics and the engineers who develop them. This new battery was designed to optimize the performance of your new investment and offer the best run time available for the size and weight! This battery shares the identical dimensions as the one that ships in the Livescope(TM) kits, with around 20 hours of run time.


Don't store your battery for the winter. NORSK batteries include a patent pending LED indicator and Dual USB accessory ports! Keep your phone charged and power accessories during all of your outdoor adventures.


Only 3.8 lbs! (note, the label on the battery is incorrectly stated at 4.85 lbs)

800 - 1,000+ charge cycles

2 year limited warranty


The charger outputs 16.8V at 3A; takes roughly 8 hours to fully charge.

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