Too Strong Premium Trolling Flies - 3 Pack Unrigged

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All Ice Strong Outdoors Branded Products ONLY will ship the last week of September, all other brands will ship per regular schedules.  Thank you for your understanding!

NEW COLORS March 2023​

TS24-UV Aqua Sparkle
TS25-UV Aqua Breeze
TS26-Flaming Otter
TS27-Pickled Mirage
TS28-Killer B

UNRIGGED FLIES (3 Pack) - Flies Only
(no harnesses)

Click here for Rigged Flies
Click here to add Tournament Face Grabber Harnesses

​Run your Too Strong Premium Trolling Flies 25" - 30" behind your favorite attractor.

TS01 UV 2Face Mirage
TS02 Cold Steel
TS04 Hulk
TS05 UV Yellow Mirage
TS06 Darth Vader Glow
TS07 UV Yellow Killer
TS08 UV Little Boy Blue
TS09 UV Purple Mirage
TS10 UV Pinky
TS11 Wedding Dress Glow
TS12 Yoda Glow
TS13 Dragon Slayer Glow
TS14 UV Wonderbread Mirage
TS15 UV Blue Ice
TS16 UV Green Ice
TS17 UV Mucinex
TS18 UV Ocean Blue
TS20 Blue Fairways
TS21 Mountain Dew
TS22 UV Orange Crush
TS23 Dirty Bread
NEW TS24 UV Aqua Sparkle
NEW TS25 UV Aqua Breeze
NEW TS26 Flaming Otter
NEW TS27 Pickled Mirage
NEW TS28 Killer B




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