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Power2Go100, was designed to give you power to go when power is at a premium.  It is, lightweight, built to last, and offers many ways to charge your mainstream gear and more.  Key factors of what makes Power2Go so unique is it offers: 

  • Boldly Accessible: Ability to open, add/replace batteries
  • Boldly Flexible: Circuit breaker is user-accessible to restore power
  • Boldly Rugged: Marine grade weather components
  • Boldly Persistent: LiFePO4 battery gives 4x the cycles of competitors
  • Boldly Functional: Glow LED light for ice fishing and more
  • Boldly Versatile: External inverter a better value, gives more/better power alternatives
  • Boldly Priced: Industry best performance at the best price
  • 14 gauge wire

Additional information: 

Weight (station only)

64 oz


Interior: 9 3/4 x 4 x 5 in (for battery clearance)
Exterior: 11 1/2 x 5 1/4 x 8

Battery Option  

1    7-18ah battery

Dakota 7ah battery
Dakota 10ah battery
Dakota 18ah battery

You can now order with a Bold North Outdoors LifePO4 Lithium Battery - or add your own - click the links above to add a Dakota battery!


Power2Go100, is a compact, lightweight design featuring multiple connections to charge your mainstream gear to include: 

  • CPAP Machines
  • Go-Pros
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Lights
  • and many more.

Use it in indoors or take with you for outdoor recreation, backyard power, hiking, camping, hunting, summer and winter fishing, emergency situations, and much more.

The Power2Go 100 can fit a 6ah, 12ah or 18ah battery in our station:

6ah - 84 watt hours

12ah - 168 watt hours *most popular

18ah - 252 watt hours *most popular



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