SUPER GLOW ORIGINAL Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber

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All Ice Strong Outdoors Branded Products ONLY will ship the last week of September, all other brands will ship per regular schedules.  Thank you for your understanding!

Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber

Made in Michigan! 
*.016 Single Strand, Non-Kinking, Non-Freezing Titanium
​Bright bead indicator (Super Glow Red /Super Glow Green)

Ideal for fishing panfish with 4.0-5.0mm Tungsten Jigs
Ice Strong Outdoors Titanium Spring Bobbers are the MOST important part of an ice fishing setup.  Serving not only as an extension to your rod, but most importantly, as a highly sensitive strike indicator.  

These bobbers are rated for -25 degrees F without losing its shape or sensitivity, and beyond seeing the lightest bites, these bobbers are also vital to watching your jig cadence for the most finicky fish.  All made in Michigan, there are four sensitivities available.  NEW for 2020 - Super Glow Red and Super Glow Green Original Bobbers!  These are the only bobbers you will ever need and are tournament proven!  See the lightest bites!

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